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Invoice Text - Non LUMEsave orders

Dear Customer
Thank you for ordering LUMECARE from us. We hope that using it will give you continued relief from the sensations of dry eyes.

Our LUMECARE range has been selected to help you make the best choice of the eye care formulations used by Ophthalmologists, GPs, Opticians & Pharmacists in the management of dry eye sensations.

Please take great care when using LUMECARE to clean your hands before applying the products. Infections can spread easily from eye to eye especially when they are weakened by dryness.
Please note that by registering for automatic repeat supply of 6 packs of LUMECARE products you will save postage & packing charges as well as never forgetting to keep in control of your dry eye sensation management. Full details are available on our website www.lumecare.co.uk under "Buy Easily & Safely"


What is LUME-SAVE?
We want to help you to avoid the inconvenience having to remember to order essential dry eye treatments and the frustration of running out of them. So we have created a repeat order system to ensure that you receive your next supply with the extra benefit of saving you even more money on postage and packing charges!

How does LUME-SAVE work?
When you place your order for 6 of any of our LUMECARE products you simply tick the box requesting that we resend the same order at whatever monthly interval you choose. For example: you require 6 tubes of LUMECARE Long Lasting Tear Gel every 2 months….it’s as easy as that!
We will resend your order at the requested frequency until you tell us to stop.
You can change the delivery address of future orders (when you  wish to receive elsewhere or you move home). This is easily acheived by editing your account details by clicking here                      

How is the payment taken?
Each repeat order’s payment will be taken from the same credit card used for your initial order.
Please note that we do not hold your credit card number or its associated details, these are only held by the credit card company.

Can I cancel or change the products on my LUME-SAVE repeat order?
You may cancel your repeat order at any time by logging onto “My Account” then following the simple instructions.
Although you can change the delivery address you cannot change the products in a repeat order, in this case it is necessary to cancel your old order & renew the order with the newly required products or frequency, e.g. 6 tubes of LUMECARE Long Lasting Tear Gel every 3 months.

Track Your Order / Order History
Please click here to log into your Account to see details of your current and previous orders

Summary of Benefits

  • No need to remember to reorder or visit the pharmacy
  • Never be without your dry eye treatments
  • Save £2.99 each time on normal 6 pack orders



Buying Easily and Safely from LUMECARE
1. We want you to feel in control of your purchasing so we encourage you to contact us by telephone, email as well as directly through our website. We also include a reply paid postcard so that you can contact us by mail.

2. Your right to a no-quibble satisfaction guaranteed experience with LUMECARE. Just contact us if you are unhappy in any way and we will do our best to help and will make a complete refund.

3. Your purchase security is at the front of our minds. Our secure payment and privacy systems should reassure you about buying from us.

4. Thank you for trusting us with this important service. We hope that we can help you to help your family and friends similarly.

Regular supply at our lowest prices

What is LUME-SAVE? Avoid the inconvenience of having to remember to order your essential dry eye products and the risk of running out of them! With LUME-SAVE we regularly send your your supply with the added bonus that you save with the best possible prices. How does LUME-SAVE work? ...

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Our Secure Shopping

We understand that most people are concerned about fraud and privacy when buying via the internet.That is why all the information that you transmit on this LUMECARE website is security coded making sure your internet ordering and payment takes place without risk.We ensure that the credit...

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Satisfaction Guarantee &

110% Satisfaction GuaranteeWe are 110% committed to providing great quality products. However, we also understand that there may be occasions when the items may not have been delivered correctly, that you no longer require the product or are dissatisfied in some other way. ReturningIf t...

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How we send your LUMECARE

United KingdomWe have minimised our Postage and Packaging costs while maintaining a First Class service, in most cases next day delivery.Our UK delivery cost is only £1.99 per shipment for Royal Mail First Class. Please note that wherever possible we ship in parcels that are slim en...

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LUMECARE Terms & Conditions

1.This web site is operated by LUMECARE Ltd (‘LUMECARE’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’) full details of which are set out below. Your use of this web site and purchasing any goods from us will be subject to these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy a...

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We promise that we will only use the information we collect to enable and enhance your Lumecare shopping experience.We are committed to protecting your privacy and are registered (no. Z1648597) under the Data Protection Act 1998. We only use the information we collect about you to enable ...

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Track Your Order / View Order History

To ensure that we respect our customers privacy we can only disclose current & historical order information for registered customers Please click the link below to log into your account where you will be able to see details of all your current & previous orders Logon t...

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