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Lumecare Advance Carmellose

The Lumecare Advance Carmellose is an affordable sterile product with multiple benefits. This drop is contact lens friendly and is ideal for those who suffer with the sensations of gritty, tired eyes.


Lumecare Carmellose harnesses the power of stabilized oxychloro complex, which acts as a preservative system, but turns into natural tear components and oxygen shortly after contact with the eye. This makes it ideal for contact lens wearers as they do not need to remove contacts before being applied to the eye.

As with the Lumecare Hypromellose the Lumecare Advance Carmellose is designed with the user in mind. It has a easy drop bottle, a single, firm press on the bottom of the bottle is all that is necessary which no added complications.

Another added benefit is that Carmellose mimics natural tear film, making it more comfortable than other eye drops..

If you wish to read more about the history of this eye drop you can read all about it in a clinical trial as detailed below:

1. Noecker.R. (Effects of Common Ophthalmic Preservatives on Ocular Health) Advances in Therapy 2001; Volume 18, No.5: 205-215. Abstract

Lumecare Advance Carmellose
Lumecare Advance Carmellose
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