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What are Lumecare Eyelid Wipes used for?

Lumecare Eyelid Wipes are for daily ocular cleansing and hygiene - They can be used for cleaning away crusting and stickiness of the Eyelids as part of a Daily Hygiene Programme.


Features and Benefits

Preservative Free and detergent free, for daily eyelid and eyelash hygiene, gently cleans away debris on the eyelid and eyelashes, revives tired eyes, suitable for sensitive eyes and skin, suitable for babies and adults, does not require rinsing. 

Preservative free eliminates the risk of preservative reactions such as toxic events, allergic reactions. 

Lumecare Eyelid Wipes have been developed based on the input of leading experts in the field of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) a condition that often causes Blepharitis and Dry Eye. This was triggered mainly due to request from patients who were seeking an alternatives to existing therapies. Patients reported that existing products cause stinging, discomfort and Dry Eye.

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