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What is LUME-SAVE?

Avoid the inconvenience of having to remember to order your essential dry eye products and the risk of running out of them!

With LUME-SAVE we regularly send your your supply with the added bonus that you save with the best possible prices.

How does LUME-SAVE work?

When you place your order for any of our LUMECARE products you simply tick the box requesting that we resupply that order as often as you need.

For example: you require 6 tubes of LUMECARE Fast Acting Tear Drops every 2 months….simple as that! We will resupply your order at the frequency you have chosen until you tell us to stop.
Each repeat order will be paid by the same credit card that you use for the first order.

We do not hold your credit card number or its other details, these are only held by the payment security company.

You always stay in control of your LUME-SAVE orders.

You may cancel your future LUME-SAVE orders at any time by clicking onto “My Account” and following the simple instructions.

You can change the delivery address of your future orders by changing the details in “My Account”.

If you wish to change either your product or your frequency you need to cancel your old order & place a new order with the newly required product or frequency, e.g. 6 tubes of LUMECARE Long Lasting Tear Gel every 3 months.
Track Your Order / Order History
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LUME-SAVE Summary:

Never be without your dry eye treatments

2. No chance of forgetting to re-order

Choose how long between re-supplies

Save with the best prices possible

Satisfaction or your money back

Totally secure payment system