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For Doctors & Optometrists - The LUMECARE concept

LUMECARE represents a new way to help you to assist your patients who are trying to control their dry eye symptoms. The key innovations are:

1. Clearly explained range of treatment options to choose from so that patients are informed and able to try the main options without repeated visits to out-patients.

2. Formulations, based on the most useful agents, designed to harmonise the pH, osmolality and electrolytes as well as mucin, aqueous and lipid tear components of the disturbed tear film. The CE approved medical devices range brings therapeutic effect without pharmacological side effects or interactions.
  3. Exceptional value. The lowest pricing scheme we offer can save your patients up to 50% of the cost of buying the old brands 'over the counter' at retail chemists.

4. Supplementary patient support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are addressed, a tip sharing forum and videos explain the conditions causing dry eyes and what else patients might do to alleviate their symptoms. When you recommend LUMECARE / www.lumecare.co.uk to your patients you can help them to become actively involved in controlling the frustrating symptoms of dry eye.

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