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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if you use eye drop bottles for more than 28 days after first opening?

The preservative can no longer be relied on to keep the drops free from microbial contamination so you may be infecting your eyes.

What is the issue with eye drop preservatives?

Preservatives are used to help eye drop bottles to last for 28 days after first opening by resisting the microbes that can denature the solution. However, some people are sensitive to the preservatives used in eye drops and their eyes may become more irritated if used more than four times per day. Contact lens wearers should be aware that the preservative molecules are retained in soft contact lenses and their prolonged connection to the eye increases the risk of preservative irritation. In these cases a preservative free option should be used.

Where is LUMECARE made?

LUMECARE products are made at our laboratories in United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Germany.

Is LUMECARE a pharmaceutical?

LUMECARE is manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards and the products are licensed with the European health authorities as medical devices using the CE mark.

Can LUMECARE be sent anywhere in the world?

Wherever CE mark products are approved, that is across all of Europe.

What do I do if the LUMECARE doesn’t arrive?

Please send an email to claire@lumecare.co.uk stating which order has not arrived & we will resolve as soon as possible.

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