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Customer Reviews

Customers are asked to share their experiences with LUMECARE and other products and treatment services to help other sufferers find the right solution to the frustrations of continuing dry eye sensations. Altough many ideas and feedback to come through our Forum. We will publish those that are the most useful for others to read in this section.


"Hello Clare,
I am so impressed.  My order was made on Friday at 5.20pm and the eye bag came throught letterbox at 9.30am Saturday morning.  It works fine and much easier than the wet flannel.
Thanks again. JL Holmfirth"

"As requested, this is a follow up on your eye gel product I have used for the first time. Compared to others I have tried, Lumecare is, well, simply the best for both value and its effectiveness. As long as you continue to provide this product, and at a competitive price, then I shall be happy to reorder. In saying that, the tube has almost squeezed flat, so my next order is on its way today."
P.S. - Lanarkshire

"For about 3 weeks now my left eye had been driving me mad with intense itching and watering I tried treatment from the chemist for infected eyes , allergies and after searching the internet found your website thinking by now that anything would be worth a try I ordered Fast acting tear gel for dry eyes and within 5 minutes of using it my eye felt so much better and it is still helping I have been using it about 3 times a day and all the horrible irritation in my eye has gone.Thankyou again for saving my life.
V.C. - Milton Keynes

"Thank you so much. What has the world come to? i ordered yesterday and recieved the item today. I've been doing online shopping for a year now and this is the quickest item i have recieved. thank you so much again."
S.B. - Peterborough

"many thanks for product and yes it has helped my dry eye condition.I found your web site most informative and thanks for responding to my order quickly and efficiently."
W.M - East Yorks

"After trying different drops for dry eye both prescription and over the counter, I was really suffering with sore eyes when watching tv for only a short period, using the laptop, driving especially at night or during bright sunlight. Everything seemed to affect my eyes. The other drops may help sore eyes for a very short time but the feeling of something in my eye was there from getting up in the morning until going to bed at night, and was making me quite depressed.  Even reading was blurred.  I had been really suffering from last October, but when I used lumecare the relief from soreness was almost immediate, and after using for a few times, the grittiness has gone for most of the time and I do not have to use the drops every day.   I feel my life has changed so much for the better.  I'm so glad I found your website."
W.B. - Evesham, Worcestershire

"I was so pleased to find a sensible English-focused website (as opposed to the rather dramatic US approach) which concentrated on the type of eye condition which I have, rather than eyes in general.I am in the first stages of using my eye bag and it certainly seems to be helping me to start to address the blocked meibomian gland (caused by a cyst) which has been causing me pain at night. Delivery was extremely speedy, the packaging is good quality and robust, and the explanatory booklet absolutely top class.  The video online is great too – I have total confidence in your Dr James. Thank you for your interest and care."
C.B. - Isle of Man

"I bought the eye compress for my 91 yr old mother-in-law who was diagnosed with blephritis and recommended to try a heated eye compress.  I found your web site by doing a general search and the video described exactly what I was looking for.  She has used it for about 2 weeks and can report a noticeable improvement.  The condition actually caused her eye to water, impairing her vision so she was no longer able to read large print books.  (She also has cataracts).  The watering has improved so I'm hoping she will be able to read again."
Mrs S. S -  Leighton Buzzard