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Laser Eye Surgery / Lasik Dry Eyes

One of the most common complications of Laser Refractive Surgery (also known as PRK and Lasik) is temporary or chronic dry eyes caused by the disruption to the fine balance of the normal tear film covering and protecting the eye.

The symptoms are the same as dry eyes arising from other, more natural, causes. Soreness, foreign body sensation, sometimes excessive eye watering (over compensating lachrymal tears production) and extreme sensitivity to light.

During refractive eye surgery the covering of the cornea is separated and the cells that produce the mucus primer layer are damaged. As a result the tear film can become unstable and "break up" more quickly than usual. This necessitates frequent blinking to recover the eye with tear film.

Unfortunately the tear film disruption when dry eyes are felt does affect vision. The patchy tear covering the eyes introduce visual aberration which can make the laser surgery seem less successful unless a balanced and stable tear film is restored.



Recommended laser dry eyes treatment:  When the eye surface has been physically damaged a smooth high quality tear replacement is called for:

  1. sterile
  2. preservative-free
  3. non-blurring
  4. long acting
Ideally a convenient application and handy bottles will help you manage your dry eyes condition as and when you need the protection of new soothing eye drops.


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