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Blepharitis Treatment Options

Traditionally recommended treatment:

Pour hot water on a face flannel and quickly hold up to your eyelids. The water should be hotter than body temperature in order to start melting the waxy blockages but take care that the water isn't too hot to scald you hands or sensitive skin around the eyes. Hot flannels only stay hot enough for a few seconds yet clearing the waxy blocked Meibomian glands, essential in Blepharitis treatment, requires about 10 minutes of 40°C warmth before easing. Hot flannels can also harbour the germs which prolong infection and inflammation.



New recommended treatment:

Using a Warm Compress Mask treatment for Blepharitis and Related Conditions has five main advantages for you:

  1. more effective - 10 minutes of dry heat eases the eyelid blockages much more than a hot flannel's short, wet treatment
  2. natural, no drugs or detergents that would destabilise your tear film
  3. re-sterilisation by Microwaves before each use - reducing the risk of cross infection between eyes and hands
  4. easy to apply and pleasant to use - relax for 10 minutes. You will want to repeat it as regularly as is required to relieve your blepharitis
  5. re-usable up to about 200 times (depending on how gently it is warmed up at each use)

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