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Dry Eyes & Blepharitis Experts

How we Aim to Help Your Eyes

1. Provide a clear choice of the best treatments available

Doctors generally recommend that you should try different types of dry eye drops, gels and hygiene treatments until you find the ones that suit you. Now the range of most important choices is laid out clearly in front of you.

LUMECARE shows product comparison so that you can choose and try the products most likely to help you. All of our products are CE medical devices authorised for use across Europe and all countries that also recognise CE excellence such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

2. Save up to 50% of the existing UK pharmacy prices

We want to help our customers to make substantial savings and obtain prolonged relief from their eye conditions.

3.  Help you understand how you can manage your dry eyes more effectively

We have summarised all our know-how, experience and helping patients in treating eye conditionson on this site.
Please explore our dynamic patient forum, a place to exchange ideas and tips to help others deal with their eyes.

4. Deliver easy-to-use service and supply so you never need to worry

Simple website or telephone order control means that you need never be without your LUMECARE products.
Satisfaction is guaranteed as we aim to get you to tell your friends how LUMECARE can help them too.

About Us

LUMECARE was founded by people who have deep experience of eyecare.

Claire is our Customer Service Manager and can be contacted claire@lumecare.co.uk

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