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How to Use Eye Drops and Gels

  • Check that your eye drop container is within expiry date on the package, has not been open for more than 28 days and is clean around the dropper tip
  • Thoroughly wash your hands to protect your sensitive eyes and eyelids from possible infection
  • Find a place where you can comfortably tip your head back
  • Pull down the lower eyelid to make a small well for the eye drops to fall into
  • Squeeze a drop or two into the lower eyelid pocket of one eye
  • Quickly apply, in the same way, to the other eye
  • Put down the bottle, close both eyes and gently push against the inner (nasal) corner of the eyes, temporarily closing the tear drainage channels to allow the eye drops to soak-in and work more effectively
  • Dry eye drops can be repeated as often as you feel the need for them. You could let your eyes tell you or set up a regular schedule.
  • Keeping your eyes free from drying out completely will help to reduce the discomfort felt each time they start to dry out. It helps to keep eye drops handy in places such as by the bedside, in the office, in the living areas, in your work case and in your car.
  • Early treatment will prevent your eyes from drying out and help you maintain control of your tear film, keeping your eyes free from the discomfort of desiccation.


  • Always treat your eyes with the utmost hygiene
  • Wash hands, check dropper is clean/sterile and is within pack expiry date and not opened for more that 28 days (if a multi drop bottle/tube)
  • Master the art of inserting eye drops
  • Stay on top of your Dry Eyes by ensuring you re-moisten your eyes before the surface cells dry out

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