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Clinical studies
American studies have shown that fully developed dry eye syndrome increases with age from about 6% of women under 50yrs to about 10% over 75yrs. The incidence of dry eye is the same in men and women of the same age.

Blepharitis and Dry Eye

There is a clear link between eye lid problems and dry eye problems. The Meibomian Glands that lie between the eyelashes produce the oily component of our tears. If the glands are blocked and irritated the oily tear component is affected and the eye’s tears become less stable making the eyes feel dry.
Special care with eyelid hygiene is the best way to avoid gland blockage and irritation.
If you get a stye (Americans spell it sty), warmth can soften the waxy oil plug and help clear the blocked glands allowing the oily component to flow to stabilise the tear. A Blepharitis Warm Compress Mask is available from this site.

Unapproved treatments - Restasis

Restasis cyclosporine is available in the USA but has not been approved by the health authorities for human use in Europe for dry eye syndrome. This is because the preservative system used in the Restasis formulation is deemed unacceptable for European Health Authority approval.

Sjogrens Syndrome

If you have been diagnosed as having Sjogrens Syndrome, a more general and severe drying out disease you may find it helpful to visit our Sjogrens forum to compare experiences and tips with others or directly contact the        
British Sjögrens Syndrome Association
PO Box 15040
B31 3DP
E-Mail: office@bssa.uk.net
Office: 0121 478 0222
Friendly Helpline: 0121 478 1133

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