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LUMECARE Carbomer Eye Gel

Lumecare Carbomer Gel is developed to comfort and soothe dry eye sensations. This gel reduces significantly blurring and needs only to be used 3 to 4 times a day. Cool and soothing feeling on instillation due to the sorbitol used in the formulation.

If you have painful, sore dry eyes and have been disappointed by standard eye drops this is a new experience for you. Your eyes will look and feel refreshed, freed from painful dry eyes for much longer than before. The liquid gel drops protect the eye's surface from desiccation damage 7 times longer than ordinary eye drops. Already more than a million people in the UK have been helped by these longer lasting effective dry eye drops.

Clinical Experience
In clinical trials Carbomer (the active ingredient in Lumecare Long Lasting Dry Eye Drops) was shown to last 7 times longer on the eye than a common fast acting tear drop (called polyvinyl alcohol). Patients also reported a soothing, cooling sensation as these dry eye drops start to work. The preservative is gentle. Maintaining continuous moisture protection of the eye is important to prevent dessication damage to the surface cells.

What People Say
“At long last, a long lasting tear! Its not just the help of dosing only 2 or 3 times a day that I like,  I feel like I’ve got my calm eyes back and they look OK again!more customer reviews...

Lumecare Long Lasting Dry Eye Drops contains Carbomer 0.2%, just like:
Viscotears Liquid
® 10g £5.50

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LUMECARE Carbomer Eye Gel
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